Complete Physical Exams/General Medical Care

  Even if you feel fine, it is still very important to see your health care
  provider regularly to check for potential problems. The purpose of
  these visits are to screen for diseases, assess risk of future
  medical problems, encourage a healthy lifestyle, update
  vaccinations, and maintain a strong relationship with your doctor in
  case of a sudden illness. 

  At Gulf Coast Medical Group, we can take care of all your medical
  needs. During a physicial examination, your doctor will review
  your medical history, take your vitals, as well as check for
  problems with your heart, lungs and stomach. We also offer pap
  smears and breast examinations for women and prostate 
exams for men. Regular check-ups and exams are vital to staying healthy in today's world. Call Gulf Coast Medical Group today and schedule an  appointment!