Occupational Medicine

Gulf Coast Medical Group's Occupational Health program is committed to help local businesses in improving injured worker outcomes, return-to-work more quickly, and prevent disabilities. 

Our staff is devoted to the principles and practice of proactive injury management through promotion of ability, rather than enabling or teaching disability. Early return-to-work is the foundation of our program.  Appropriate education of the injured worker about the injury, expected outcomes, and the recovery process is vital to injury management.
Gulf Coast Medical Group offers many injury and medical services,  such as: drug screenings, pre-employment physicals, urine drug screens non DOT, urine drug screens federal DOT, x-rays, lab tests, ECG Electrocardiogram, lacerations, broken bones, burns, insect and animal bites and much more.    

If your business is interested in our OccMed program, please call any of our offices to schedule a meeting to discuss the many options   available.

Venice: (941) 483-9760
Sarasota: (941) 244-9430
Englewood: (941) 473-5100