Pediatric Care

  We have board certified doctors who are well
  qualified for caring for children of all ages as young
  as newborn infants. 

  Please bring your little one in to one of our locations
  today - whether he or she is sick or just needs a



The following physicians are available to treat you and your child:

Dr. Peggy Benzing - Urgent Care

Dr. Mario De Pinto - Family Medicine

Dr. Jeffrey Fraser - Family Medicine

Dr. Dheeraj Reddy - Family Medicine

Dr. Albert Charron - Family Medicine

Dr, Michele Gero - Family Medicine

Dr. Eric Reintsema - Family Medicine

Dr. Neetha Sallapudi - Family Medicine

Dr. Keith Johnson - Internal Medicine & Pediatrics

Dr. Sheeba Mesghali - Internal Medicine & Pediatrics

Dr. Timothy Blain - Internal Medicine & Pediatrics